About the Professional Association of Ghost Hunters

The Goal of "The Professional Association of Ghost Hunters" Is to bring together all Ghost Hunters ,Paranormal researchers, Teams, Associations, and Societies to collaborate in one place.

Our Mission

We are setting out to try to bring the desire to all investigators to accept other groups and people for their unique styles and methods and work with each other at least in sharing thoughts, theories and tricks of the trade

Some Facts

The general public at times has a skewed view of what truly is out there when it comes to the paranormal. This is mainly due to movies, TV, and urban legends. Although they may be the cause of the misunderstanding they are not at fault. They were made as entertainment and should be treated as such. It is our goal to dispel the untruths of the paranormal and install facts. With all the Television shows out there it hard to get the facts. How would a TV show not get canceled if they do not show some kind of evidence.  How may times would you watch an hour long TV show when nothing happens.  How many investigations have you been involved with when something "Paranormal" happens every single time?


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